Originally from Cleveland Ohio, Christine Jones moved to San Diego and fell in love with the ocean, flora, and mountains. She strives to create meaningful handmade gifts from the wood, plant life, flowers and rocks she collects while hiking.

Christine originally started her muti-media artistic journey as a costume accessory and textile artist for the entertainment industry. She was attracted to being able to work with so many different types of mediums and materials and loved combining mediums in new and interesting ways.  This line of work unfortunately requires the use of so many harmful glues and paints and Christine found that she needed to strive to create art that used only non-toxic, green, and plant based materials to protect her health, her patron’s health and the health of the plant. “There was so much toxic dye and glue being released into the air and water. I didn’t want to be part of that anymore”

She now uses only green and non-toxic products in her work, some of which she has developed herself. She currently is working as both a leather artist and a resin and wood jewelry artist.  “I’m always creating something new and innovative. I could never choose only one medium, I strive to be a mad craft scientist and invent new mediums!”